Tanga Yacht Club

Visiting Yachts

Yacht Club contact

To arrange Port Health and Immigration you can email Max (the office manager) in advance or, if you are able, call him once you arrive. He will alert them both to your arrival.

Max's number: +255 683 551 196

Email: tangayacht@gmail.com

Port control

Tanga Signal Station maintains a 24-hour watch. On entering Tanga Bay contact Tanga Signal on channel VHF 12 or 16, although this can be a fruitless task.

Having anchored up outside the yacht club you have to stay on board until Port Health have visited you. They will row out to your boat for a quick check.


For Immigration you will need a valid passport. Visas can be obtained from Immigration for a fee. Fee structure depends on your nationality. Often they will come to the bar to meet you, stamp in hand. All visas to be paid in dollars if possible.


Customs formalities are then completed at the office inside the entrance to the port. They are open between 0800 hrs until 1600 hrs, five days a week. You will need Clearance Papers from your last country of departure and a crew list for Customs.


If you have already checked into Tanzania, a Transire from your last Tanzanian port is required by Customs although recent reports suggest that this is seldom enforced. If you have already cleared into Tanzania, checking in with Immigration is not required.

If you want to cruise within Tanzania, it is best to get a transire on departure from Tanga