Tanga Yacht Club

Getting Around

Thursday, 23 July 2020

The Yacht Club is convenient to town and there is a good local transport system based on motor bikes (boda bodas), buses (dala dalas) and 3-wheeled tuk tuks (bajajis). Beyond that, your options are somewhat more limited.


The Yacht Club is a pleasant walk (about 3km) from town. It's an easy walk there, but in the midday sun, with your bags full after shopping, it is easer to catch a lift back to the club on a piki piki (motorbike) or daladala

It is a short walk to the end of the peninsula where there are benches at the lookout point.

Check out our map.

Boda Boda

This is the way most Tanzanians travel short distances .... the name coming from the use of motorbikes (piki pikis) to travel from border to border in the days when there was no other transport.

Bodabodas (motorbikes) are the cheapest form of transport (unless you have a bicycle) and no helmets are available or required for passengers. Cost is about TSH2000 (less than $2) one way between club and town ... hardly worth walking!! Ask the driver to go to 'Raskazone', the name of the suburb where the yacht club is located.


These three-wheeled carriers are everywhere and great for a couple or when you have a lot to carry. They are around double the price of a boda boda

Daladala / Buses

Just flag down one of these brightly sign-painted small buses ( ubiquitousToyota Hiace), hop on, pay your TSH400 and tell them when you want to get off.... stops are every few hundred metres. Their stand is at the main market ... get the to Ras kazone, near the yacht club road

For longer distances buses are the main transport. They are inexpensive and comfortable and go to all major cities nationally and internationally to Kenya


Tanga is serviced daily by two airlines flying 12 seater Cessna Caravans. You can access Arusha, Pemba, Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. Flights are relatively expensive ... Tanga to Dar es Salaam will cost you about $200.


Cars can be rented at ???? Lal Garage (need to research this ) at a cost of from x to y

Motorbikes (250cc) can be rented from Kennedy for approx $20 a day.