Tanga Yacht Club


There can’t be many sunsets more spectacular than those you get to enjoy from the terrace of Tanga Yacht Club. If there are, they’re unlikely to come with arguably the world’s best fish and chips or crispiest calamari.

What about the anchorage here? It’s safe and protected, year-round. You could comfortably anchor up and head home for an extended period if you wanted.

Tanga itself is friendly and welcoming to yachties and there are all sorts of hardware stores and places you can buy basic kit you’ll need for your boat. For more specialised equipment there’s always DHL Express who have an office in town and run a slick service.

Because of the beautiful yacht club serving as a central hub, and perhaps because Tanga is somewhat off the beaten track, there’s a strong cruising community thriving here. From the moment you arrive, be prepared to be embraced as part of the crew. There are birthday parties, game nights and BBQs, all the while of course with everybody swapping useful titbits on how to navigate this incredible coast. It’s good fun.

If you need to work on your boat there’s a small boatyard with careening poles to tie up against for antifouling and maintenance and a workshop with electricity that you can use. Hasani and his team who run the yard are available to help on projects and they can also look after your boat if you decide to take advantage of the excellent holding here and fly home for a few months. Their rates are extremely affordable.

So, if you want a base from which to explore East Africa (amongst a whole bunch of sailors and locals who can help with that), or you want a safe, friendly and affordable place to leave your boat for a while …. Karibu.